Techadon Robots are unstoppable war machines that are buildable hired hitmen.


It has a appearance of a bulked futuristic samurai armor. It comes in different colors. It has no face, only a crown-like horn attached to the forehead.


Strength: Super strong.

Cannon/Blaster Hands:

Regeneration: It can self repair itself from damages.

Adaptation: The newer robots adaptive to any attacks from the previous robots.


It can adaptive and evolved from any attack it can take. But its one only weakness is that Techadon Robots aren't intelligent.


  • The Beginning.
  • The Juggernaut.
  • The Inspector.
  • Metal Maniac. (Possed Malcolm Irons)
  • The Juggernaut 2: The Factory.
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From AL 12 Ben 10 Fan Show.

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