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Techadon Degradation
Organisation Type Soldiers
Leader Techadon Weapon Masters (formerly)
MALtuant (currently)
First Appearance Death of Ben 10
Chapter 15

Techadon Degradations, Technically known as Techadon Biological Integrations, are relics of the Heaven Wars long since thought to have been totally lost. They were rescued from the ancient past by MALtuant to wage his Time War in the present day. They exist in Earth-1010.


Prime Timeline

The Techadon Weapon Masters invented the degradations as a way to weaponize their opponents. In the early years there were useful as infiltration units, however word of them soon spread. They were still useful for passing genetic gates, however. According to The Blacksmith they could clear a planet of its defences within hours.

Late in the war they were recalled to the Techadon homeworld to prepare for a full invasion from the Ramiel Monoliths. However, before the Monoliths arrived the Degradations vanished entirely leaving them totally exposed. Ben Tennyson theorised that a Chronosapien may be responsible, and he was later revealed to have been right in The Only Good Necroterran when it is revealed that MALtraunt had stolen them all to fight in his Time War (although Ben would never know this).

Unbeknownst to the Techadon, a single unit escaped and survived the war: Techadon Biological Integration Pyronite Model: 4N8S.

Ben 10: Reboot Revolution

The Techadon Degradations first appeared in Ben 10: Reboot Revolution Chapter 2, when two Lenopan Degradations were sent to attack the Bellwood Plumber base. Timekiller had no idea why they were there, but he later realised they were sent by MALtruant.

Ben 10: Road Trip

4N8S appeared in From The Ashes. He had been forced to work as a bodyguard for the ruler of Pyros ever since Apollo took control of the planet. He was sent to fight Ben when the latter helped the Starlit Sky storm the Castle on the Invictus Flats. But 4N8S refused to fight, knowing that Ben could liberate him and his people, and allowed Ben to proceed to capture Ignis.

Many Degradations appeared in The Only Good Necroterran. Some Tetramand Degradations and an Ornithis Degradation helped MALtruant capture and found Timekiller's Base. Four Velosabre Degradations accompanied Albedo to Anur G'rrnay, acting as bodyguards.

Ro-pollo Timeline

The technology was not lost in this timeline and, although they are no longer used to fight in the Techadons' wars, they are sold off just as the Techadon Robots are in our timeline. Ro-pollo is one such example.

Known Variants

Modern Units

As part of a deal with Timekiller and MALtruant, the Blacksmith has been able to create new Degradations in the present day. They all wield prototype Techtrix devices and serve varying purposes to aid in the Blacksmith's plans.

As of Life On Earth they have all been destroyed or captured along with the Blacksmith himself.

  • Bovenent Intergration
    • A vanguard unit, this intergration performed assassination tasks to collect DNA for the Techtrixes.
  • Pisciss Volann Integration
    • A dormant unit kept inside the factory, this degradation had incredibly primitive programming and was easily outsmarted by Kai Green.
  • Transylian Intergrations
    • These intergrations acted as perimeter control, establishing a territory within the Anurian District of Undertown around the Blacksmith's factory and enforcing compliance from the locals.

Most of the modern degradations were not described in any detail and were sabotaged by Kai and unable to activate.


Death of Ben 10

Ben 10: Reboot Revolution

Ben 10: Road Trip



  • The name 'Techadon Degradation' is a nod to the obscure Skaro Degradations from Doctor Who lore. Aside from the name they share nothing in common.
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