Techadon is the home planet of Techadon Weapon Masters, Techadon Robots, and Techadonian Mechanoid (iMan's species) in the series BATO.


This highly technological planet is home to the canon Techadon weapon masters. The highly intelligent species has actually made their planet as technological as Galvan Prime, except that they prefer to give it an appearance that implies that. Due to their massive intellect, they were capable of creating other life forms on their planet as well.

Techadon is very metallic in structure, and has high amounts of metal ore, such as iron, silver, and copper.

Techadon's core is highly stabilized by machinery, causing 


The weapon masters construct huge metal towers to live in, and live in relative isolation from themselves.

The weapon masters each have their own arsenal of technology, and employ Techadonian Mechanoids as their slaves and lower class citizens.

The weapon masters are light years ahead of other planets, and have devised completely superior machinery and technology that cannot be paralleled.

Techadon is known to be the technology manufacturing hub of its galaxy.

Notable Inhabitants

  • Techadon Weapon Masters
    • Inspector Number 13
  • Techadonian Mechanoids
    • iMan (Omnigizer's DNA Sample of a Techadonian Mechanoid)
  • Techadon Robots


  • When creating this page, Charbel forgot that this planet is also home to Techadon Weapon Masters like Inspector 13.
  • Since it is technically a fanonization of a canon planet, it is free use to anyone who would like to use it.
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