Tech Δ
General Information
Species Delta Human
Home World Earth
DNA source Ancient Delta Human
Body Human
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Extreme Adaptability
Equipment Whatever Tech happens to be carrying.
First Appearance TBA

Tech Delta, also known as Tech Δ, is the SpecTrix's DNA sample of a Delta Human from Tech 10: Rebooted.


Tech Δ's abilities include:

  • Extreme Adaptability

This gives him the ability to adapt to nearly any attack, opponent, or situation, making him a nearly-unstoppable fighting machine.


Tech Δ has the same appearance is the same as Tech's usual appearance, with the exception of the SpecTrix symbol being on his chest.


Tech Δ is far more aggressive than a normal human, making him something of a liability in a team.


Tech 10: Rebooted

Tech 10: Star Spirit

Planet and Species Information

Tech Δ is a Delta Human from Earth. Prior to the Human/Galvan war, humans were an extremely powerful species with high aggressiveness. Because of this, the Galvans feared that they would one day pose a threat to the intergalactic community and began a war to eradicate them. All war efforts failed miserably, forcing the Galvans to engineer a genophage that mutated humanity into its current form. All evidence of the war and the human's original condition was covered up.

Tech 10: Rebooted
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