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Tech 10: Ultimatrix Unleashed was the wiki's November 2016 featured series!

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This content is designed for children age 7 and above.

Tech 10: Ultimatrix Unleashed is a series about Tech, an eleven year old Human that finds the Ultimatrix after Ben discontinues its use. It is written in a unique log-style format, with each 'episode' taking the appearance of a journal entry.

You may be looking for the general Tech 10 page or the sequel series Tech 10: Combalien Evolution.

NOTE: The following log entries are material recovered from a blog deleted by the owner back in late 2011. Only a limited amount of data has been found; much of it remains missing. The reason the blog was deleted remains unknown. More material may be recovered in the future, but there is no guarantee it will be found in chronological order.

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