Tech 10: Star Spirit
Premiered 1/1/2016, Ended 11/16/17
Created by CaT
Written by CaT
Seasons 2
Episodes 28
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Preceded by
Tech 10: Rebooted
Followed by
Project Deca


Twenty-five years after the events of Tech 10: Rebooted, Ben Tennyson has been watching over the Earth for years now, and the need for other major heroes has all but vanished. Isaac Logical, the Tech from Rebooted, has grown up and transformed his gift shop into a quadrant-wide tourism monopoly. Because of all this, he has given up hero work and has become more of a family man.

However, all is not well, as a method of easy alien hybridization has recently been opened to the public, and while it has been used for good, it also enables any psychopath with a nice chunk of change to receive superpowers. These criminals are extremely dangerous, and while the hybridization process cannot be legally shut down, some force is needed to counteract these threats.

Enter Theodore Logical and Nova Eldridge, two best friends that wield the StarTrix and Swarm 2, respectively. Working with the Plumbers, they set out to handle both these cases and any other sort of threats that may come along.

A few weeks have passed since the events of Nikopol, and though things have been fairly quiet, there's trouble brewing across the multiverse. Theodore's murderous counterpart from Dimension 4, Aeron, has regained use of Clockwork, his skill with the alien making him nearly untouchable. Now Theo must chase him across the multiverse, jumping from timeline to timeline, in a desperate attempt to take him down once and for all.

Back at home, a temporary Plumber team assembled by Nova must contend with the mysterious Zodiac Organization, whose goals may be more far-reaching than anyone could have known.


  • The episodes of Season 1 were named after various music tracks.
  • The episodes of Season 2 were named after various famous poems.
  • Star Spirit is set mostly in an alternate version of the Salt Lake Valley in northern Utah.
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