Title Description Namesake Airdate Rating
The Hero When a new threat to the city arises, two slacking teenagers will answer the call to arms. The Hero!! 1/1/16 TV-PG
Working on the Railroad Theo and Nova learn of the strange Zodiac Organization, and are sent to stop an operation of theirs involving a nearby train station. I've Been Working On The Railroad 1/8/16 TV-PG
The Rainbow Connection Theo gets stuck as Over The Rainbow after not being able to figure out how its abilities work. Problems ensue. The Rainbow Connection 1/15/16 TV-PG
Lullaby Kids keep disappearing without a trace, and nobody seems to remember their existence in the first place. Theo and Nova are sent to investigate, but receive some unexpected help. Lullaby 1/22/16 TV-PG
Mad World Theo wakes up in a world where nothing makes sense, and the only person around to help him doesn't seem to be of much help at all. Mad World 1/29/16 TV-PG
Fire and the Flames People keep exploding into flames, prompting Theo, Nova, and an unlikely ally into action. Through the Fire and Flames 2/5/16 TV-14
Darkness, My Old Friend An ancient evil is freed from the Antarctic ice and sets out to finish what its master started. The Sound of Silence 2/12/16 TV-14
Uptown Funk The ultimate sale turns into the ultimate scare as a mall is turned into the playing grounds of a deranged lunatic. Uptown Funk 2/23/16 TV-14
Stairway to Heaven Deaths keep happening all over the city, and without Alpha there to help, Theo's chances of stopping this madness seem grim. Stairway to Heaven 2/29/16 TV-14
Gloomy Sunday Theo and Nova take shelter from a heavy rainstorm and happen to encounter members of the Zodiac Organization. Hijinks ensue. Gloomy Sunday 3/7/16 TV-PG
Under the Sea A research station at the bottom of the Marianas Trench falls under attack by an enemy long since thought dead. Under The Sea 3/14/16 TV-14
Nikopol A monster from beneath the sea has risen, and is out to take revenge upon humanity. Wide-scale destruction seems inevitable and all hope appears to be lost. The requiem begins here. Nikopol 3/21/16 TV-14

Title Description Namesake Airdate Rating
Time 21 When Aeron (Theo-4) escapes custody, it's up to Theo to track him down. Meanwhile, Alpha is having Nova assemble a makeshift Plumber team. Time Xxi 5/16/2016 TV-14
Whom the Bell Tolls: Part 1 Aeron arrives in a small forest town where a strange phenomenon is occurring. Meanwhile, Nova's makeshift team goes out on its first mission. For Whom the Bell Tolls 6/20/16 TV-14
Whom the Bell Tolls: Part 2 Theo faces off against Aeron and a mysterious phantom as the Plumber team confronts new members of the Zodiac Organization. For Whom the Bell Tolls 6/20/16 TV-14
Window Shopper: Part 1 Aeron gets involved in a kidnapping case as the Plumber team goes to investigate a suspicious mining operation. Window Shopper 7/8/16 TV-14
Window Shopper: Part 2 Theo confronts an odd candy shop owner. Meanwhile, Swarm 2 seems to be malfunctioning in the middle of a mission. Window Shopper 7/8/16 TV-14
Blood and the Moon: Part 1 Blood and the Moon 7/18/16 TV-14
Blood and the Moon: Part 2 Blood and the Moon 7/18/16 TV-14
Generations of Men: Part 1 Prelude is recruited by a mysterious person with an unclear agenda. Meanwhile, Theo and Isaac are having a disagreement about Theo's actions. The Generations of Men 8/7/16 TV-14
Generations of Men: Part 2 Theo and Isaac engage in a sparring match as Prelude and Zetium confront the Alpha Team. The Generations of Men 8/8/16 TV-14
Not Yours Orion and Scorpio have a talk as Theo and Nova deal with a hostile classmate. I Am Not Yours 9/16/16 TV-14
Deaths and Entrances Orion's plan moves into its final phase. Deaths and Entrances 9/22/16 TV-14
If: Part 1 Theo tries to bring down the newly-omnipotent Orion If 9/23/16 TV-MA
If: Part 2 Theo and Nova create something entirely new in a last-ditch effort to win the day. If 9/23/16 TV-14

Title Description Namesake Airdate Rating
Interlude Theo and Nova reflect on the events of the past year. It's literally an Interlude. 1/1/17 TV-14
Secret Valentine Theo is being hunted by a strange beast as a member of the former Zodiac Organization is rampaging downtown. Secret Valentine 2/14/17 TV-14
Libera Me From Hell The end. Libera Me From Hell 11/16/17 TV-14

Title Description Tributing Airdate Rating
Starman (Project Deca) At the tail end of Libera Me From Hell, Kucorbian is about to kill Theodore and Nova, which will result in the universe being reset. He fires his last attack. As the smoke clears, Attai stands where it was supposed to have hit. The real fight begins now. Tech 10: Star Spirit 9/2/19 TV-14
Title Description Namesake Airdate Rating
Star Spirit Imaginate Glimpses of what becomes of the Star Spirit cast after the reset. N/A N/A N/A

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