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Tech (Tech 10: Rebooted) was the wiki's April 2014 featured character!

Teknois Neferus Logical, real name Isaac Matthew Logical, most commonly known as Tech, is the main character of Tech 10: Rebooted and a supporting character in Tech 10: Star Spirit.

You may be looking for the Tech from Tech 10: Ultimatrix Unleashed and Tech 10: Combalien Evolution.


  • Tech dislikes the Steampunk aesthetic, calling it 'outdated' and 'over-complicated'.
  • Tech's favorite color is blue.
  • Tech has shown an overall lack of interest in the SpecTrix's customization function, though he has tinkered with it occasionally.
  • Tech used to dislike his given name of 'Isaac', stating that it's mediocre in his opinion.
  • According to himself, the nickname 'Tech' started out as a joke, but one that quickly spiraled out of control.
  • Tech's favorite transformation is Electrolite, despite its arguable lack of versatility.
  • His least favorite transformation is Blyte, for obvious reasons.
  • His Tarot in Rebooted is The Magician, which symbolizes action, initiative, self-confidence, manipulation, and potential.
  • His Tarot in Star Spirit is the Ten of Coins, which offers prosperity and comfort, money invested and saved and allows you to look at the long term growth of your wealth.
  • As revealed in Rebooted's two-part finale, Tech's hometown is the small town of La Verkin, Utah.
  • Despite being half Delta Human in Star Spirit, he doesn't experience any of the mental drawbacks of such a state, thanks to Azmuth's careful engineering of his new DNA; however, these genetic safeguards are unable to be passed down through natural reproduction.

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