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General Information
Species Mechabots
Home World Mechanica
Body Humanoid-robot

6-metres tall

Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shoot laser beams, can hack into any technology systems and can control machines
First Appearance Cyber 10/Denis 10: Dimensions Clash

Tech is one of the aliens in the series, Cyber 10: Ultimate Mission. He is one of the original 10 aliens in the Cybermatrix.

  • Tech has the power to control machines and fire up a big laser
  • He also can hack into any technology by only touching it
  • He has the power to upgrade devices
  • Tech is always used by Cyber to hack videogames and level up his scores
  • He has a Cyber form (confirmed)
  • Tech's species is related to BeatleShark's species


Cyber 10: Ultimate Mission

Season 1

  • Cyber 10/Denis 10: Dimensions Clash (first appearance)
  • Wild Chase (Used by Rin Jefferson)
  • 10 HEROES UNITED (Part 2)
  • A Special Evening

Season 2

  • Return of The Control Freak
  • TBA
  • TBA


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