Note to self: Work on witty commentary.

–Tech, noting his lack of skill at making quips.

Isaac Matthew Logical



Nickname(s) Tech
Alias Tek No Logical
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Age 11
Status Active
Part In Team N/A
Friends Alvono (Until Every Sentence Ends With a Pyramid!)
Relatives Isaac's Parents
Isaac's Sister
Alternate Counterparts Igneoux
Tech (Tech 10: Rebooted)
Igneoux (Tech 10: Rebooted)
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Technology Proficiency
Equipment Ultimatrix
First Appearance Tech 10: Ultimatrix Unleashed - Introduction

Tek No Logical, real name Isaac Matthew Logical, best known as Tech, is the main character of Tech 10: Ultimatrix Unleashed and Tech 10: Combalien Evolution.

You may be looking for the Tech from Tech 10: Rebooted.


As a regular human, Tech generally has no powers, but is extremely skilled with technology, whether it be from Earth or elsewhere, hence his nickname.


Tech is an average-sized eleven year old with light brown hair and ice-blue eyes. He has somewhat pale skin, and usually wears a black t-shirt with blue jeans and strangely-patterned shoes. He wears the Ultimatrix on his right wrist.

In Combalien Evolution, Tech switches to an outfit with a light bley shirt, green hiking pants, and plain gray shoes. He wears the Reformatted Ultimatrix on his right wrist, and upon receiving the BIOME Suit, wears the activation mechanism for that on his left wrist


Tech is typically quite laid back and calm, possessing a rather large sense of self-awareness. Of course, he is still a normal eleven year old, so he's prone to the occasional childish outburst. He generally tries to lighten the mood during combat with the occasional witty comment, though he freely admits he's not very good at it.

Despite his usual lighthearted attitude, he has been shown to lose patience with repeated annoyances, such as Xenon in general, the endless malfunctioning of the Ultimatrix, and Albedo's self-absorbed attitude.

As shown in Gotta Bounce, Tech displays some amount of respect for his enemies, continually reminding Albedo of Takut's name whenever Albedo simply refers to him by his species.

Tech is occasionally shown to be rather pragmatic, making the most logical decisions in a given situation even if they're decidedly unheroic.


Tech's primary equipment is the Ultimatrix, which allows him to transform into various aliens.

He later gains the BIOME Suit, which has various abilities Tech has trouble figuring out.


  • Despite being right-handed, Tech wears the Ultimatrix on his right wrist.
  • As revealed in Rebooted's two-part finale, Tech's hometown is the small town of La Verkin, Utah.

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