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General Information
Species Vbrien
Home World Kiusana
Body Animalistic
Prey Water Hazard
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Sharp Teeth
Vibrating Teeth
Sharp Tusks
Sharp Claws
Enhanced Digging

Tearaway is the Nemetrix's DNA sample of a Vbrien from the planet Kiusana and the predatory species of Orishan.


Tearaway is a 14-foot tall animalistic alien with golden brown skin, while its face is mostly cream-colored. The back of its head curves upwards and ends in a blunt point. It has two big eyes and two small eyes colored red and outlined in black, with black rectangular pupils. Three spikes protrude from each side of its face, connected by cartilage, and two tusks protrude from the sides of its mouth. It has two black claws on its front feet, whereas its back legs end in points. It has a long tail.

The Nemetrix symbol is on a red collar around its neck.

Transformation Sequence

Powers and Abilities

Tearaway's sharp teeth can vibrate to break through an Orishan's armor. Once their armor is breached, Tearaway can use its teeth, tusks or claws to tear through their inner body.

Tearaway can burrow through the ground with ease to evade attacks.

Tearaway's thin hind limbs help it from getting stuck in muddy surfaces.





Tearaway's name refers to how it can tear through an Orishan's inner body once their armor is breached.

Tearaway's species' name, Vbrien, comes from the German word for "vibrate", "vibrieren".


  • This predator was adapted from the second Nemetrix predator concept design created by Tom Perkins in a collaboration between Ulti and Ultra.
  • Its eyes resemble that of a Galvan's.