Tavastrin is a planet from Tech 10: Rebooted.


Tavastrin as seen from space.

Tavastrin at night.

A dry, barren wasteland, Tavastrin is a mostly dead planet, with the only known geological activity being the chemical reaction at the planet's core that causes a planet-wide fire. The flames shoot out of deep canyons and other holes in the surface, burning anything in their paths.

Its sandy, desert-like surface, is constantly battered by traveling dust storms. These storms slowly erode the rock of the planet away, creating an oddly smooth surface under the sand.

Thanks to the occasional flame geysers bursting from the ground, rare structures known as Desert Crystals are sometimes formed during the thick sandstorms. If the heat from a geyser is intense enough, it can fuse the twisting sand in the air into a large pillar of glass. Thanks to their rarity and unique appearance, these Desert Crystals can be sold for quite a bit on the intergalactic market.


Initially uninhabited due to being, you know, eternally on fire, Tavastrin was settled a few millenia back by a small group of Emotispecters wishing to escape from their species' devastating civil war. Once the war was over, only this group remained, and have populated the planet with small villages and the occasional ancient city.

Known Inhabitants

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