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Tauroforms are a species from the planet Tauron.


Tauroforms are red humanoid bulls. They have four horns on their head and two fingers on each arm. They have stripes which distinguish muscles.


Tauroforms are great duelers. Their traditions always include fighting and competition. Not even a day can pass in a Tauroform society without battle and quarrel. Tauroforms believe that the winner of a battle must show his injuries.

Powers and Abilities

Tauroforms have a powerful breath, able to move massive boulders or bricks. They also have sharp horns, which can ram building.s.

Tauroforms have high stamina, able to run whilst blowing.


Most Tauroforms are hardwired for anger and egoism, which makes them forget about smaller details.

Notable Tauroforms

  • Red Bull (the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Tauroform)


Tauroform comes from taur, which means bull. Thus, the name of the species translates as "bull-like".