I have a job to do and hell to pay if I don't do it. I don't feel like dying and I don't think you feel like murdering me, so how about we just go our separate ways and agree to not bug each other unless we have to, okay?

–Takut, retreating from a fight with Tech.

General Information
Species Emotispecter
Home World Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Active
Relatives Fearoid (Ultimatrix DNA Scan)
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Emotion Manipulation
Equipment Uniform
First Appearance Fearoid Rises

Takut is an antagonist from Tech 10: Ultimatrix Unleashed.


Not much is known of Takut's history. At some point, he began working for an unknown employer and set up a base in the small town of La Verkin, Utah. He began using his abilities to artifically introduce a criminal element to the area for an as of yet unknown purpose.

In Fearoid Rises, Tech happened upon Takut entering his base, sneaking in and finding out about Takut's mission in the town. He confronted Takut, who, after a brief skirmish where Tech managed to scan his DNA, escaped out of the base and fled to parts unknown.

Takut later reappeared in Gotta Bounce, where he was discovered by Tech after a failed attempt to create a new hideout thanks to faulty explosives. He accidentally let slip the name of his employer, referring to him simply as "Prelude" before noticing Tech in the area. He gave a half-hearted attempt at killing Tech, stating that his boss wanted anyone else who found out his name killed, but simply gave up after Tech transformed into Terrabounce. Takut then flew off, telling Tech that the two should try to stay out of each other's way.


Takut has the ability to manipulate the emotions of those around him. In addition, his body is able to disperse itself into a cloud of red cells, making him able to enter most spaces and avoid physical attacks.


Takut's core form is a red, sphere shaped alien with multiple eyes. His full body is similar to the stereotypical appearance of a demon, with bright red skin, black horns, and a humanoid form. His uniform consists of dust-brown boots, a small belt, fingerless gloves, a white mask covering about half of his face, and a cape.


Takut is somewhat cowardly and easily startled, in stark comparison to most Emotispecters. He'll only fight if he thinks he can win, otherwise using his dispersal abilities to beat a hasty retreat. He prefers commanding people as opposed to doing dirty work himself, but isn't above working below someone else.

He shows no particular desire to be doing his job on Earth, and has implied that he only continues his work because of a threat to his life if he does not comply to his employer's demands.


Takut is physically weaker than the majority of Emotispecters.


  • Takut was created specifically for the Renovated version of Ultimatrix Unleashed, and did not appear in the original 2010 release.
  • Takut serves as a negative counterpart of sorts to Warlord Kroz. While both are Emotispecters with higher intelligence than most of their kin, Takut is weak and cowardly, creating a stark contrast to Kroz's inordinate strength and bold personality.

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