Tabby Arthur


Tabitha "Tabby" Arthur




Half human, half Orishan




Plumbers, Grandpa Max

Tabby Arthur is a Plumber's kid and a future character in Ben 10: Eternal Forms.


Tabby is able to shift between her completely human and completely Orishan form. In her Orishan form, she has a hard shell, sharp claws, and aquakinetic powers. In her human form, she is highly charismatic, and is not afraid to use her womanly wiles to get her opponent to do what she wants. She also considers her dark secret to be a significant advantage, but she has not yet revealed what that is.


Tabby is, to put it lightly, highly charming. She is deferential to those higher in status than here, polite to those lower and equal to her. She is quick to befriend, and talks to most people as if she’d known them her whole life after a short time. She seem to naturally carry herself in a luring and seductive manner that brings in both friends and romantic admirers. She is highly secretive about her life outside of S.N.A.K.E, never talking about it to the other members and always being nowhere to be found when there’s no call to duty. She seems to be a very devout Plumber apprentice, always giving missions her all and doing things by the book, although she often complains to her close friends about it and says that she wishes she were somewhere else. When they ask her why she was doing this, she says “I don’t want to train as a Plumber, I want to BE a Plumber. A magister. I want to go out into the universe and apprehend intergalactic criminals and save whole planets, not just practice on petty bank robbers.” She has been known on occasion to go overboard during fights, going so far as to nearly kill their target several times. She has a deep dark secret that no one on the team knows yet, and she doesn’t plan to tell.

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