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This is the first Energy Spark Arena battle. It is between Dan's The Percolating Coffee Guy and Brian's Fart.



In this corner, he is the stinkiest of stinkies, baddest of blobs, and grossest of gross, Fart!

In this corner, he is the fastest of felines-

Me: He is a lizard, not a feline!

Announcer: Whatever.

The most active of action, The Percolating Coffee Guy!

Fart: (farts)


Fart: *farts on TPCG*

TPCG: (Starts shooting burning hot Coffee) YEEH HAW!

Fart: (Coffe pass through me) EPIC FAIL DUDE. (make a huge "fartball")

TPCG: EW. (Eats the fartball and shoots Fart Coffee [Gas Coffee])

TPCG vs. Fart.png

Fart: Cool! *absorbs coffe since it is a Gas* *fly closer to your mouth and fart until you explode*

TPCG: I HAVE COFFEE IN MAI MOUTH, SO IT TASTE LIKE BUTT NOW. COME HERE. (Grabs Fart, then forces his mouth open. T.P.C.G barfs in his mouth, closes his mouth, then throws him) EW.

Fart: AHHHH FUDGE YOU! YOU WANT SOME MORE?! (Creates a fart-shaped hands to forces TPCG's mouth open, then throw 1000000000000000000000 fart ball inside his mouth, making TPCG explodes) HAHA

TPCG: EW. (Falls over)

Fart: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. *the farts hand grabs TPCG and throw him to tke sky*

Fart Won

Dan won't continue this. Which means.....FART WON!