TKV, the full name being To'kustar Virus, is a predator in the Nemetrix on Earth-68. It is a virus that is the predator of To'kustars.

General Information
Species TKV (species)
Home World Cosmic Storms
Body Virus
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Virus Infection
Nervous System Infection
Self Duplication
First Appearance The Ultimate Prey Part 2
Predator/Prey Way Big (Earth-68)


TKV is a small, microscopic being, being a black round cell with a red core.

Powers and Abilities

TKV is a virus, and attacks the nervous system. After making its way into the body, it begins to merge with its victims cells. This allows the virus to split and multiply, disabling the immune system and preventing the body from being able to fight against it. It eventually attacks the nervous system, cutting the connection of the nervous system to the brain, causing the victim to lose all connection to the area where the TKV is most heavily centered. It eventually travels up the body and to the brain, which kills its victim.

While they usually infect To'kustars, they can infect other species. It can be very deadly to other species, due to the smaller size and less body mass to work through.

It can infect species through cuts in the skin.


TKV is a virus, and therefore has no thoughts, just its designated function. It needs to be controlled to be useful.

When Skurd, who's usually immune to the feral effects of the Nemetrix, used this form, he lost control, and had to get outside influence to revert back to normal.

The spreading of this virus is usually slower than depicted. It has to be controlled to spread in a manner to paralyze enemies in battle.

TKV seems to have a devastating effect on aliens with shape-shifting abilities. Skurd, being a single celled organism, had its entire body become the TKV. Malware, a Galvanic Mechamorph, was transformed into an enlarged version of the TKV, seeming like his body simply morphed into the cell at his regular size.

Dimension 1 (John Smith 10)

By Khyber's Pet

Dimension 40 (Ya-Mi-Oh!)

By Skurd

 Dimension 0

This version of TKV is used by Redman.


  • TKV is based off the stated concept for Way Big's Predator.
  • TKV's abilities is based off the HIV.
  • TKV could be considered one of the most dangerous predators in the Nemetrix.
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