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T'zeen Nebula
General Information
Entity Type Nebula
Environment Suspended Ocean
Sapient Species T'zun Army

The T'zeen Nebula is a hydrogen nebula that is home to the T'zun Army.

The T'zeen Nebula is a free use location.


The T'zeen Nebula is a unique celestial body made primarily of hydrogen, but with large quantities of oxygen as well. In other words, the T'zeen Nebula is made of water. To some, this nebula can be described as an ocean suspended in space. It has no central form, and is 3 times larger than our own Solar System.

It is ~2 light years away from the Precipi system and ~3 light years away from Chione.


The T'zeen Nebula was formed when a binary system of stars went supernova roughly 200 million years ago. As such, the Nebula contains all of the minerals contained within those stars, and anything in orbit around those stars at the time. Being effectively a super-ocean, the T'zeen Nebula was an ideal location for life to evolve. The Nebula was discovered some 35'000 years ago by the galactic community, and has since attracted the gaze of many intrigued scientists and biologists alike.

Expeditions into the T'zeen Nebula are treacherous and fraught with danger, as journeys through this nebula require specialised vessels capable of both space flight, as well as being equally useful underwater. As a result the T'zun Army were only discovered relatively recently, though life had been theorised to live here ever since the discovery of the nebula.

Known Inhabitants


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