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Synapse is a female Cerebrocrustacean villain in Evfnye 10. She is Neuroticus' sister.


Synapse looks like a blue crab with big eyes. She has hair-like coverage around her brain. She is slightly thinner than most other Cerebrocrustaceans.


Synapse is an evil scientist, just like Neuroticus. She also disrespects Galvans, especially Ketu.

Powers and Abilities

Synapse, being a Cerebrocrustacean, has a very high intellect. She also demonstrates to be more agile than other Cerebrocrustaceans.

Her specialization is chemistry, and she is a professional chemist, able to create a pheromone for Encephalonus IV's spider-like species from basic elements.

Like all Cerebrocrustaceans, Synapse is able to generate electricity from her brain. Her hair also conduct electricity.


Like all Cerebrocrustaceans, Synapse can feel pain if attacked while generating electricity.


Synapse has been taken to the Incarcecon along with Neuroticus. She met SupresLime in this prison.

She helped creating the PM Nemetrix.

In Spiders Attack!, Synapse created a pheromone that would attract Encephalonus IV's spider-like species. Theses were defeated by Evfnye in the form of Diamondhead, but Synapse managed to save herself.

In Just Like The Simulations, Synapse attempted to raid the Cosmic Academy during Professor DerMurray's lesson. Later, she was defeated by Evfnye as Stinkfly.



  • Synapse is the first female villain in Evfnye 10.
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