Sylax Newell

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Played/Voiced bySteven Blum
NameSylax Newell
SpeciesChimera Sui Generis
Home PlanetMurray/Vilgaxia
OccupationPlumber Magister
Weapons specialist (formerly)
ResidenceMount Rushmore, South Dakota
FamilyUnnamed mother
AssociatesThomas Bridge
Appearance"The Number Game"

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Magister Sylax Newell was a Plumber Magister stationed on Mount Rushmore. He appeared in Ben 10: Heroes of Evolution.

Character Background

Newell was born on Vilgaxia and graduated from the Plumber Academy with a degree in field operations, with his supervisory officer being Magister Crylet. Newell became interested in pursuing analysts' work to improve his tactical advantage during more high-profile operations. He attended the Galvan Academy of Science and Technology's division for Plumbers aiming to emphasize individual skills. Within the field, he had exceptional knowledge in weapons. Working his way up the ranks, including the accumulation of interrogatory experience and resistance to torture, Newell achieved Magister status and his jurisdiction was placed over the base in Mount Rushmore.

For reasons currently unexplained, Newell was called to the Plumber HQ orbiting Earth to assist in the crisis generated by the Devil Watcher's cyber-takeover of the base. The Watcher explained that a mole was operating within the building and intimidated a hostile Newell. Within the duration of the case, Newell and Ben Tennyson clashed heads repeatedly, with Newell not taking kindly to Ben's cocky rudeness and reckless behavior.

While hospitalized as the result of two explosions at a compound in space, Ben spied on the mission to an unknown destination at a set of coordinates, monitoring Newell's behavior and reading through stolen and classified records to cross-reference earlier observations with concrete proof, to fulfill his suspicions of Newell's being the mole and come to the conclusion that the Magister was indeed a traitor. Max Tennyson sent Newell to check on Ben in the hospital, but Ben, thinking he was to be assassinated, escaped and destroyed his spyware equipment. He cornered Newell in a conference room and brutally attacked him, restraining him and putting him through a ruthless incrimination/interrogation. Max was invited to watch for the sake of closure, much to his horror.

Despite Ben's solid proof, Newell theorized the possibility of the real mole still matching his attributes by sharing his history, leading him to realize that technician Thomas Bridges was the mole. Thomas called Max down for a meeting while Newell and a band of elites kept Ben at bay




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