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Sycorax are masculine energized beings from Planet Acolytus. Sycorax's alien species are named as Occultians. They are believed to be the great beings that vanquished the universal chaos (Anur Phaeton). Ben used Sycorax to defeat Ah Puch in his holiday in Washington D.C. Vilgax was also defeated by Sycorax. He is depicted as an Energized Ghost with a yellow staff which the Occultians used it as a sword. Ben will again use Sycorax as a main character in upcoming episode, "Death Devil". It wasn't used again in later series of Ben 10. He appears in some Games.


Sycorax 2


Occultian had an ability to withstand Acolytus's Death Storms and Blue Ocean Drifts (the Oceans will swallow up a huge amount of land as an whirlpool). Occultians live in Balls of Energized Dark Matter. They feed on Whaians (Whale like aliens) and Chromaian (stone aliens with small shell).