Sybil White


Sybil White


General Information
Species 1/2 Human
1/2 Tristia
Home World Earth
Alias Sybil
Age 16
Status Active
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Gravity Manipulation
Enhanced Durability
Associated Tarot Ten of Cups
First Appearance Not Yours

Sybil White is a character from Tech 10: Star Spirit.



Not much is known of Sybil's history pre-series. it is known that she attends the same class as Theo and Nova, and developed a crush on Theo at some point, simultaneously getting the false idea that he and Nova were dating.

A few months before her debut episode, Sybil was apparently given alien DNA for free by Xr. Nullamor, who evidently just did it for kicks.

During Series

Sybil made her debut in Not Yours, where she formally introduced herself to Theo and Nova for the first time. She later attempted to take out Nova by luring her into a trap and dispatching her with her gravity powers, a plan that ultimately failed due to Theo arriving on the scene and eventually defeating her in combat. After she woke up, her body and mind healed by Season's abilities, she left the scene, evidently regretful of her actions.


Sybil is a black-haired teenage girl with tanned white skin. Her normal outfit consists of a green sweater with a white undershirt and blue jeans, along with a pair of gray shoes.

She can apparently switch between her normal appearance and her hybrid appearance at will, obtaining a gray outfit, red eyes, and silver hair with a red stripe running through it while showcasing her hybrid form.


After becoming fused with Tristia DNA, Sybil gained the ability to control gravity, displaying enough raw power to crush concrete underneath the increased weight of an object with the mass of an average human. She can also lower gravity to the point where the normally incredibly heavy Holy Diver is sent flying up into the air with a single step.


Sybil initially presents herself as a shy, reserved character that gets flustered easily and tends to be in a hurry. After being mentally healed by Season, she reverts to this personality somewhat, albeit with a bit more of a confident streak.

During her fight with Nova and Theo, she displays an odd, almost robotic coldness and territorial nature. This is implied to be caused by her hybridization, as Tristia are well known for their extreme territoriality and tendency to crush intruders into flesh cubes.


  • Sybil White's name was initially planned to be Sybil Green, but this was changed to avoid confusion with the canon Green family.
  • Sybil's associated Tarot is the Ten of Cups, which is associated with abundant joy, lasting happiness, blossoming friendships, lasting love affairs, happy homes, success in every area of your life, dreams come true, quarrels, disagreements, fear of losing what you love, moving, loss of friendship, and emotional distance.

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