All of the spikes on his body eject at lightning speed and knock out their targets with toxic gas

Swampfire is a Methanosian from the planet Methanos.

Physical Appearance

Swampfire is made all of compost. His body is dark green and black with red spikes all over. His face is black, which is surrounded by more red spikes and one large yellow spike.

Swampfire's feet are roots which can attach to the ground for stability. His Atomitrix symbol is on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Swampfire can control both opposite elements: fire and plantlife. He can shoot fireballs out of his hands using the methane which he ignites. He can control the plantlife to trap his enemies and immobilize them.

Swampfire cannot be seriously wounded. If a limb is removed, vines grow from both parts of the body to reattach. If shot, the beam will go right threw Swampfire, leaving a hole wherever it struck, which reseals almost immediately.


Swampfire's incredibly bad smell makes it impossible to hide from any enemy with a sense of smell.

Swampfire's vines that reattach his limbs are very vulnerable. If they are damaged, Swampfire can't use them again, and has lost that limb forever.

Swampfire's fire that he ignites is sometimes uncontrollable. It isn't very likely, but it IS possible that Swampfire can set himself on fire.


In Season 1: Galactic Escape

Swampfire did not appear in the first series of Galactic Escape.

In Season 2: Universal Hunt

There are so far no episodes in the second season of Ben 10: Galactic Escape, but Swampfire is definitely going to be in it.

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