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"Time to turn the heat up! How about 1,948 degrees fahrenheit?!" - Swampfire

Swampfire is the Omnimatrix V's DNA sample of a Methanosian from Methanos.


Swampfire is tall and somewhat muscular, with his body made of mostly plants. Swampfire is green and light green, with a head that resembles a burning flame made of petals. Petals make up not only his "hair", but also as shoulder pads, knees, and some on his arms. He wears a pair of black and white boxers, where the Omnimatrix V is located at, in the middle. His neck has a sort of 'popped collar' look, which is mostly yellow inside. His body has several pores on him, with many on his chests and palms.

Powers and Abilities


Swampfire possesses two major abilities:

He can ignite the methane in his palms, like a flamethrower. This allows him to manipulate fire, and burn things.  He can propel himself with these flames, mimicking flight.

Swampfire possesses a good deal of chlorokinesis. He can emit gases from his body, and even create seeds and pods. These create whatever he desires; vines to restrain people are generally the most used.

Swampfire possesses complete regeneration of his body. He can regenerate limbs, or even using them as weapons of his own.

Swampfire's gases can be used for different things; such as sleeping gas.


Swampfire is weak against the cold. 

It's hard for him to hide, due to his intolerable stench.


  • Swampfire is one of Merciless' favorite aliens.