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Swamp Swarmer
General Information
Home Planet Alpha Proxima
Body Small Parasite
Gender System Binary
Diet Carnivore (pack hunter)
Prey Mimewts
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Really Weak
Strength in Numbers
Weaknesses Really Weak (when alone)
Present In Nemetrix

The Swamp Swarmers are Tinyfang's species. They live on the planet Alpha Proxima.

They are a free use species.


They are small insectoid creatures with a low hanging body and six legs. They have large mandibles and a tail. Swamp Swarmers are about the size of a human hand and vary in size about as much while fully grown.


Swamp Swarmers are biologically identical to an Earth insect, except with only a single body segment and a long, but harmless, tail. They are invertebrates, meaning they have no internal bones only an exoskeleton.


Swamp Swarmers are a predatory species, though sometimes they also act as scavengers (particularly when alone). In packs they will hunt down almost anything they can catch, including Mimewts.


Alone, Swamp Swarmers are some of the weakest creatures on Alpha Proxima. A single Swamp Swarmer could easily be overpowered by a Mimewt. Their strength lies in numbers and they usually travel in packs to corner and kill their prey.

Their sheer weakness as individuals lends them a unique advantage over Mimewts: any Mimewt that copies their 'powers' becomes weaker as a result, making them an easier kill.


As stated previously, the Swamp Swarmers are some of the weakest creatures on Alpha Proxima. If it weren't for their large packs they would be very close to the bottom of the food chain.

Known Swamp Swarmers

  • Tinyfang (the Nemetrix's DNA sample of a Swamp Swarmer)


  • The Mimewt don't usually realise how weak the Swamp Swarmers actually are, since their tendency to copy powers of threats is usually their downfall. This means that most Mimewt believe the Swamp Swarmers are much stronger than they actually are.
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