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is the second episode of Solo 28.


(Solo): MOM! I dun wanna go to school.

(Mom): Too bad.

(Solo): FINE! I'm moving away!

Solo walked outside and ran away.

(Dad): Give him 23 minutes.

Solo is running. He trips. He gets back up, and starts running again. He's 15 feet from his house.

(Solo): Oh no! I'm lost! D:

Solo screams.

(Solo): Okay. I have a watch with the powers of 28 aliens. I can survive until I'm found.

Solo transformed.

(Solo): Echo Echo!

Solo made a clone.

(Solo): There. So I'm not alone.

Solo and his clone detransformed.

(Solo 1): Hi! Who am I?

(Solo 2): My name is Solo! What's my name?

(Solo 1): My name is Solo, too! We have so much in common!

(Solo 2): Alright. I should focus on surviving in this harsh landscape.

(Solo 1): I guess I'm right.

Solo 1 transformed into Heatblast. He shot a fireball on the ground and started a fire.

(Solo 1): That should keep us warm for tonight.

Solo 2 transformed into Diamondhead and made a diamond tent.

(Solo 2): And here's somewhere to sleep for tonight!

Both Solos transformed back. They both went in the tent and went to bed. The next morning, they woke up.

(Solo 2): Time for breakfast!

Solo 1 saw a scorpian. He killed it and cooked it.

(Solo 1): I know I hate scorpions and want them to go extinct, but we have to survive off of our resources.

(Solo 2): Ugh. Fine.

They ate the Cooked Scorpion reluctantly. They began walking to find some resources.

(Solo 1): Maybe we can find some water.

(Solo 2): Water? *Transforms* Water Hazard!

Solo 2 shot water on the ground.

(Solo 1): HEY! I found some water, dude!

Solo 2 detransformed.

(Solo 2): Awesome, man!

The two Solos ran back to the tent, just as nightfall was approaching. They drank some water and went to bed again. That morning...

(Solo 1): Dude. Where's my water bottle?

(Solo 2): I had it last.

(Solo 1): No! I gave it to me!

(Solo 2): Liar!

(Solo 1): No me.

Solo 1 transformed into Whipping Boy and Solo 2 transformed into Slinky. Solo 1 tried to whip Solo 2, but he dodged. He bounced behind Solo 1 and knocked him away. Solo 1 got back up and caught him with a whip. He electricuted him and threw him. Solo 2 bounched into the air. Solo 1 whipped him down.

(Solo 1): Any last words before I kill myself?

(Solo 2): I'm sorry. Will I forgive me?

(Solo 1): Sure.

(Solo 2): PSYCH!

Solo 2 punched Solo 1.

(Dad): Solo! Dinner's ready!

(Solos 1 and 2): DINNER!

They ran across the street and back into the house.


  • Solo (1 and 2)
  • Dad
  • Mom



  • Solo's Ignorance


  • Fun fact: Across the street from Solo's house irl is a desert-y landscape.