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SupresLime is a villain that appears in Evfnye 10. He is the main antagonist of the events of Trap Battle. He is also the DNA source for Goop in the 9th Omnitrix.


SupresLime looks like Goop, but is more greenish and has red gloves. His Anti-Gravity projector is black. He has orange eyes.


SupresLime is devoted to Neuroticus and very loyal to his allies.

He is shown to have fun when his enemy loses a battle.[1]

Powers and Abilities

SupresLime retains the abilities of a typical Polymorph, like the ability to stretch and lava immunity.


SupresLime uses the PM Nemetrix via a PM cell, an unicellular lifeform linked to the Nemetrix.

He also possesses an Anti-Gravity Projector to levitate and withstand gravity of denser or larger planets than Viscosia.


SupresLime retains most weaknesses of a typical Polymorph, namely his inability to move when his Anti-Gravity Projector is turned off and weakness to fast spinning.


SupresLime befriended Neuroticus and Synapse in the Incarcecon, when he was sent for defying spaceships, while Neuroticus tried to assassinate Ketu. They both wanted to prove to be superior to Ketu by creating another Omnimatrix, but no species agreed to give them DNA again, so they became hunters for predators of Omnitrix Aliens, and created the PM Nemetrix. They were shocked to discover that a random species in the Galaxy has the 9th Omnitrix made by Ketu.



His name is a play on the words superslime, supreme and lime.


  • SupresLime appears to be the counterpart of Khyber from the Main Timeline, as well as Neuroticus is the equivalent of Psychobos.
  • Even though the page lists SupresLime as a male, he has no gender.


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