In this reality, Ben took over the planet Earth after his parents, girlfriend Julie, and grandpa Max were killed.


It was extreme tragedy that brought Ben to where he is now. His loved ones were abducted by a combined team of Zombozo, Charmcaster, and Vulkanus. Ben, Gwen, and Kevin of course tried to rush to the rescue, but they were not fast enough. Ben's loved ones ended up losing their lives and Zombozo went out with them. It was his final and ultimate revenge against Ben and in that moment Ben became so distraught and consumed with rage. He lost control of himself and he killed Charmcaster and Vulkanus himself. Gwen was shocked by Ben's decision, but Kevin actually sided with Ben. Kevin always thought hey were lenient on criminals personally and felt it should have gone this way.

Ben soon declared that in order to protect the Earth and its people, he needed to become its ruler. All Earth governments were soon abolished by force and if needed then murder. Ben soon gathered many different followers by bribery or by threats. Kevin joined willingly, but so did the Plumber Kids, Sevenseven, Sixsix, the Forever Knights, and ironically Vilgax did as well. Ben enacted a complete totalitarian rule over the people of Earth, but soon a resistance began to form.

Gwen began to lead a group of freedom fighters consisting of: Darkstar, Hex, Tetrax, Azmuth, Albedo, Cooper, Jimmy Jones, and Will Harangue. Gwen has completely lost faith in her cousin and sees him as a lost cause. Ben sees Gwen as the same way and is constantly at war with her. Many of the resistance fighters though ended up losing their lives to Ben personally so it is mainly Gwen that is left and leads a one man army against her cousin. Sooner or later though both former friends and family members will face each other and both have their eyes set on killing the other.


  • Ben's personality is now more of a cold and merciless dictator than a hero.
  • He unlocked the Ultimate Ben setting on his Ultimatrix and for years no longer even transforms.
  • He has been in control of Earth for over four years now.
  • Like Ben Prime he never took a life but when he took over he thinks that in order to protect Earth he must kill those who threaten it.
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