Supernova N10
General Information
Species Prypiatosian-B
Home World Unknown, somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy
DNA source Unknown
Alternate Counterparts NRG
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Same as NRG
First Appearance Unknown

Supernova is the Delta-X's DNA sample of a Prypiatosian-B from the Andromeda Galaxy.


Supernova has an appearance similar to that of Frostbite, but is the opposite color scheme.

In her containment suit, Supernova has a bulky torso, helmet, and right arm, and rather thin left arm and legs. The containment suit is grey. There are also three horizontal slits in the helmet with a red glow from her true form. The Delta-X is on a plate on her chest.

Out of her containment suit, Supernova wears a red and black bikini, gauntlets, and anklets. She wears the Delta-X on her belt.

Powers and Abilities

Same as NRG


Same as NRG


  • Unknown!
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