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General Information
Species Ultimos'
Home World T-K
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength

Super Durability


Heat Vision

Super Breath

First Appearance 's Big Failure, Pt. 3

Superman is the codon stream DNA sample of Ultimo's Species from planet T-K in Fred 40: The New Life.


Like all his Species Member, He has blue skin. He also wears a Black Mask with green Eyes. His Cloth are similar to real Superman, meaning he has a Red Shirt and Blue Pants and robe. There is a coincidence that these are 's Same Cloth Colors!


Superman's powers are enhanced strength and durability, flight, heat vision and ice breath. He is very similar to Real Superman in terms of his powers, appearance and attitude.


Superman's weakness is chocolate. It turns his skin to a brownish gray color, makes him cold, shiver and collapse, and becomes skinnier when eaten. identified that a specific chemical in chocolate is poisonous to his entire species.


  • Superman can be associated with Real Superman in various ways. He has enhanced strength, heat vision, super breath, flight and a "kryptonite", which is a chemical in chocolate. This is the reason of his name.