Superglue is a alien in the series Den -10. He is one of Ned's aliens. His opposite is Eulgrepus. Superglue is confirmed to appear in Sem 2.10 as one of the aliens, along with his opposite. Superglue also appears in Stan 14, unlocked by Prisoner 48.

General Information
Species Cyanoacrylatian
Home World Colle
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shooting glue


  • Gooey
  • Shooting exetremely sticky glue from his arms
  • Hard protective shield


  • Coldness, cold makes his glue unstick

Species and Planet

Species: Cyanoacrylatian

Cyanoacrylatians are a goo species, similar to Polymorphs. Cyanoacrylatians are exetremely sticky, and used on the planet for glue. They can shapeshift, and unglue themselve if they want. The species can expel parts of their body to stick things together, and they can regrow the part. Some Cyanoacrylatians choose to use a protective suit (like Superglue), so they won't stick to stuff and so they could stay more easily in humanoid form. Though Cyanoacrylatians are used alot for glue, these species can duplicate exetremely fast, so they aren't near extinction.

Planet: Colle

Colle is a big, populated planet similar to Earth. Colle is known for its strong glue, which it ships around the galaxy. The glue is made from Cyanoacrylatians, who live in the jungles.


He is a white alien, with a white protective shield with a blue square inside on his torso

His hands and feet are covered with orange protectors


"Dawn of Den -10"

(more will be added as the series progresses)

Sem 2.10

None yet...

Stan 14

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