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Superduper Awesome Ultimate Ek
You can't beat us now UH.png
General Information
Species Mutated Lf
Home World Kj
Body Pinapple Spoon Eyebrow Platypus
Powers and Abilities
Abilities See Powers
First Appearance None Yet

Superduper Awesome Ultimate Ek is a mutated Lf from the planet Kj in no series. Anyone can use him.


Superduper Awesome Ultimate Ek has a large pinapple body. He has teeth sharper than a saw blade. He only has two spoon legs. His pinapple "tail" is now sharp.


All of Awesome Ek, Ultimate Ek, Infinite Ek, and Ek. Plus can not be defeated by any form of Ekbeaters.


Seeing stuff that you see in R rated movies, but in real life and not censored (if the alien's pic is censored then that does not become a weakness)


Ben 10: Stupidity Force


  • Lfs will never actually become this. It was a test to see if the scientests could create a super powered Lf. Azmuth added it to the Codon Stream.
  • He is ten feet tall.
  • He can talk.