Super Watch
Blue Omni Green .jpg
General Information
User Dill Trillion
Type DNA Alterer
Similar Technology Atomnitrix
First Appearance Dillon Million: Omniforce

 The Atomnitrix, nicknamed the Super Watch, is Dill Trillion's Atomnitrix.


The Super Watch's appearance resembles the Atomnitrix prior to it's recalibration; however, the interface is

The Super Watch's design

green instead of blue and it's face has a golden rim instead of gray. It is green and light green in color instead of gray.


Aside from the difference in color scheme, this Atomnitrix works essentially the same as the mainstream version, letting Dill transform into a variety of aliens with all of their powers and weaknesses, but must take care when the Atomnitrix times out and requires a recharge before transforming again.

Since it closely resembles the original Atomnitrix, one could assume that it has all the same fuctions and weaknesses of the original model of it's dimensional counterpart. At the same time, because of it's more simplistic design compared to Dill Prime's Atomnitrix, it is easier for Dill to access the aliens of his choice.

Known Aliens


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