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Super Star is the Collectron's DNA sample of a Fishsunnian from the planet Crustacia.


Super Star resembles a starfish.

Super Star has two bodies. His main body is orange with five radiant symmetrical sides and yellow eyes with a yellow strap running down to his back. Under his body hides a black jaw with two squid-like sides, both of which have a singular sharp jaw. His second body is a purple radiant symmetrical starfish with black lining and sides covering the blank spots of the main body.

Super Star wears the Collectron emblem on his chest on his main body.


Super Star's voice is medium toned but muffled.

Powers and Abilities

Super Star can fire small explosive and flammable meteor-like projectiles from seemingly nowhere, which he can manipulate and control to curve the trajectory or change the target of the projectiles.

Super Star can breathe underwater and float as a form of movement.

Super Star can levitate off the ground using anti-gravity to his advantage. By levitating, he is very agile and can dodge attacks at a fast pace.

Super Star is durable enough to withstand being thrown into a wall. He also has a form of heat resistance, feeling little to no pain while the water was overheated.

Super Star can separate his top body from his bottom body, which can be thrown like a shuriken. This also reveals his powerful and sharp jaws which can also eat through objects rather quickly.

Super Star's body is very sticky and can stick onto heads such as a Morphian's.

Super Star can regenerate any lost limbs. Through this, he can clone himself by regenerating on both ends.


Super Star's meteors can be carried by species with as much or more strength than a Suctidian.

Super Star's body is very light and small, which makes him weak against larger opponents.

Super Star's body can be pulled off by species with as much or more strength than a Morphian.


Super Star's name comes from star, referencing his appearance and superstar, referencing a highly popular person.


  • Super Star originally fired star-like projectiles.
  • Super Star's idea came from Echoson.
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