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Super Goop is the evolved version of Goop. He appears in Ben 10: Superverse season 1 finale: Rise of the Vilgaxian Army Pt. 2.

Super Goop
General Information
Species Polymorph
Home World Viscosia
Body Humanoid Slime Alien
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shapeshift
Shooting Acid
Sprayable Gas
First Appearance Rise of the Vilgaxian Army Pt. 2

Powers & Abilities[]

Like Goop, Super Goop can shape-shift into any object but is slightly bigger in size and can zap goo from his arms. He can also turn intangible.


Super Goop is red and has black spots around the top of his legs. He wears the superized Supertrix symbol on his chest (the four spikes are facing left, right, up, down). He has two horns next to the top of his head that connect to his anti-gravity projector and is a little taller and more powerful than Goop.

Appearances in Superverse[]