Sunny Tennyson
General Information
Species Human/Anodite
Home World Earth
Residence Bellwood
Age 10
Affiliations The Tennyson Family
Team Omnitrix
The Good Kids
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Magic
Mana manipulation
Equipment Keystone of Bezel.
Relatives (The Character's Relatives, If Any)
Aliases Little Sunshine
Voice Actor Erica Mendez

Sunny Tennyson is a hero in Ben 10: Blinded (Blind AU). She is a Human from the planet Earth.



She is a free spirited individual, full of whimsy and heart. She is always willing to lend a hand or give some wise advice to her friends and family.


She has a way with nature from the moment she was born, she was brought up as a caring and free. Her life was always a bit complicated growing up she was homeschooled and one of her only friends she had was her cousin Ben but it was hard at times cause of his lack of sight.

Eventually she is enrolled into regular school and makes friends with her classmate Courtney Lawrence, the two have been friends since and even Ben has joined in on the love they all share.

Powers and Abilities

She has an affinity for magic and has been a bit of a prodigy since she took it up even being able to control manna, the very essence of life and magic.


She is scared of her inner Anodite.



Willow Tennyson her Mother.

Dylan Tennyson her father, who was Female originally.

Ben Tennyson is her cousin who is is a few months younger than her.

Sandra Tennyson aunt and mother of Ben.

Carl Tennyson uncle and father of Ben.

Max Tennyson her grandfather.

Verdona Tennyson her grandmother she doesn't meet till many years later.

Gwen Tennyson is her cousin, whos not a very nice person and is quite jealous of her.

Ken Tennyson is her older cousin and a pretty fun person to hang with.

Frank Tennyson her uncle and father of Gwen and Ken.

Natalie Tennyson her aunt and mother of Gwen and Ken.


Kevin Levin a bit a jerk but has a good heart.

Cooper Daniels he has a crush on her but knows she not into guys.

Kai Green is alright once she warms up to you, which took a lot of playdates with ben.

Love Interests

Charmcaster She is a bit headstrong but means well once you get to know her, there is a spark between these two years later.

Courtney Lawrence There was a little something going on at one point, but alas it was just not meant to be.



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  • She keeps the Keystone of Bezel, and fakes its destruction.


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