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Species Unknown
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Body Decagonal Snowflake
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Abilities Sunlight Focus

SunFlake is the Model-X's DNA Sample of Yuk'ii-Taiyoan from the planet Yuki'ii-Taiyo.


SunFlake is a 10-foot-tall, metallic alien in the shape of a decagonal snowflake. SunFlake's body consists of two rings, the outer ring being sturdier and thicker and is mostly a cobalt blue. The inner ring is a lighter shade of blue and is attached to the outer ring through support-like poles. The inner ring hosts SunFlake's body and face, which is frozen on a single facial expression. SunFlake's face is guarded by two metal plates, which are usually left slightly open so SunFlake's eyes peek out. SunFlake's eyes seem to be made from a glossy, icy blue glass-like substance.

Sitting on the outer ring are five smaller duplicates of SunFlake, which only possess a singular ring to form their bodies. Each MiniFlake's face shows a host of different facial expressions.

SunFlake's Model-X symbol rests on a support pole, while the MiniFlakes Model-X symbols rest on their backs.


  • Solar Enhancement: SunFlake's main ability is to enhance the rays of the sun as they pass through his glass-like body, not too dissimilar to a magnifying glass. The intensity of the enhancement is usually strong enough to cause fires to erupt on a surface. To cover more range and further the intensity, the metal plates over SunFlake's face retract, increasing the size of the magnification area. The MiniFlake's possess the same ability but can be positioned like a mirror array, able to reflect the sun's rays in order to hit difficult spots.
  • Flight: SunFlake can fly through the air at surprising speeds, although the MiniFlakes are faster.
  • Razor Spin: When the MiniFlakes are attached to SunFlake, SunFlake can spin his outer ring and use the Mini Flake's to deliver sharp cuts to opponents.
  • Split Consciousness: While SunFlake primarily bares the user's mind, the MiniFlake's all represent an aspect or emotion of the user, allowing for increased mental awareness and aptitude.


  • Size: SunFlake's size can be a problem especially in tighter environments. The MiniFlakes can circumvent this by detaching from SunFlake in order to scout smaller areas.
  • Emotional Blockage: While SunFlake is rather monotone and icy, the MiniFlakes all represent their specific emotions to a T and that may cause problems.
  • Lack of Sunlight: SunFlake's main ability is basically useless without any sunlight, so cloudy days are his worst enemy.

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  • The primary inspiration for SunFlake was the Pokémon Cryogonal.
  • SunFlake has a total of six Model-X symbols on his body.
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