Sukrov is a villain in the series Simien 10. His full name is Sukrov Sadimoc (Vorkus's name spelled backwards). He is Vorkus's clone. He is the leader of the Nave Espacial crew clones Neimis, Nonyz, Nella, Ci and Phrominmo. He appeared in the episodes (by order): "Double Vorkus Trouble", "Cloned" and "League of Simien's Enemies". He is very smart.


  • Very smart
  • Eating stuff and unlike Upchuck digesting it

    Sukrov's lego version

  • Shooting the balls Upchuck shoots from his stomach but without eating anything before
  • Super agility


  • Because Vorkus loves food, he hates food and even won't touch it


He looks like Ben 10 Alien Force version to Upchuck

His colors are swapped meaning where that was light green there is dark green and the opposite

Species and planet

Species: Dnamruog (Gourmand Clone)

Planet:IX Sotpep


  • He is one of the most recurring villains in Simien 10, along with Phobius and Len Yuefo, and has appeared at least one time in every season
  • He is one of the League Of Simien's enemies members, and the first one of them to understand that the acronym is LOSE
  • He is not the real Sukrov, but a clone of him, since the Antimatter projector has cloned the real Sukrov, and mixed it with Vorkus's DNA.
  • He hates normal food and unorganic things, such as hamburgers, soda and metal but since Vorkus cannot eat anything that is living (like beetles, trees and birds) Sukrov loves eating them.

Roles in episodes

Double Vorkus Trouble

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League of Simien's Enemies

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