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Succubus is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Succubian from the planet Anur Kaster. Succubus was inspired by Willain, created by Bence Szilágyi.


Succubus is a green reptilian humanoid. He has red horns, four fangs protruding from his mouth, three spikes on each leg and two wing-like spikes on his back. He has black eyes with green irises, sharp teeth, three fingers on each hand and toeless feet, wears white bandages around his arms and has black and green shorts. The Omnitrix symbol is located on his spiked collar. His horn and fangs were also inspired by SpaceGodzilla.

Powers and Abilities

Succubus has a special purple energy which he calls "Killer Energy". He can control it various ways, as he can shape laser-energy whips, small blackholes, spiky energy balls or deadly projectiles. His Killer Energy can't be absorbed by other beings, as it will shock them from the inside out.

He also possesses his own miniature Space Station (controlled by his collar), but Ben rarely uses it, as he finds it overkill.


Succubus can't generate Killer Energy endlessly. He makes Ben extremely violent, he even double-crosses his own teammates sometimes, if they do something that he doesn't like.




Original image by Bence:

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