Blizzard / Spectra is the ext same as Big Chill. The only difference is his Vampire appearance with wings unfolded, and his reaper appearance when folded.


When his wings are folded, Blizzard looks like a ghost or more precisely a reaper.

Subzereap (play on Sub Zero and Reaper) is a Ghost - Frost alien form in Imad 10 DNA sample of a Necryogen (play on Necro - death - and Cryogenic) from the planet Skadee (based on Skadi, Norse goddess of the winter).

Necryogens are characterized by their cold (pun intended) and distant demeanor to any other creatures, being mostly neutral aliens siding with none and preferring to stay hidden in the freezing mist and tundra of Skadee. However, the new generation consists largely of pilgrims seeking wisdom and enlightenment, traveling to temples in the farthest reaches of the galaxy in their spiritual quest. A cornerstone of Necryogen society is a taboo with mishandling whatever they consider sacred, to a fanatical degree.

Skadee is a frozen wasteland covered in a multitude of icy mountains, as well as vast areas of frozen water from which emerge the tips of enormous icebergs.

Subzereap is just a slightly redesigned Big Chill; he possess a freezing breath, can turn invisible or intangible, shoot solid icicles from his mouth, and breath in space.

Trivia: this alien was originally called Spectra or Blizzard; another name was Dracuice (Dracula + Ice).

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