General Information
Species Crocoflorius
Home World Florauna
Body Crocodile
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Superstrength


First Appearance Ancient Rules

Subek is a Crocoflorius from the home planet Florauna in Ben 10: Alien Alliance. Subek was unlocked off screen and used for the first time against King Exodius in a battle to the death. Subek won this battle but still decide to save Exodius in the hope this would change everything.

Physical Appearance

Subek has a crocodile look and his complete body is made of plants or plant material. His lower jaw, lower arms, lower body and the end of his tail are made of a light green plant and makes it more flexibele then his dark green chest, upper arms, legs and tail. His skull is exposed and made of tree bark, just like his shoulderpads, his wrists and ankles, his exposed rips and his dorsal fins. In reality his complete skeleton is made of this barklike material. He has also large claws, six on each hand and three on each feet. Together with his teeth, these are the only not plant related parts of his body.

and abilities

Subek has superstrenght, combined with very sharp teeth and claws. He's a great swimmer and lives from carbondioxide, proving others with oxygen. His intellect is equal to that of normal human being. His greatest are cell rejuvenation and regeneration, making him nearly immortal. He can also age his cells, even if the body part is severed, with other words, he can decay severed body parts really quick, unleashing a terrible smell.


His main and almost only weakness is fire.


Ben 10: Alien Alliance

Season 3


  • Credits goes to Darksilvania.
  • Subek is an Egyptian God with the head of crocodile.
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