Stunde Null
Stunde Null PD.png
General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
DNA source TBA
Body Mutant Warped Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Zero Hour
Terror Inducement
Self-Biology Manipulation
Shadow Generation
Classification Fauna/Spiritual
Alien Number ???
Namesake Stunde Null by British Sea Power

British Sea Power - Stunde Null

First Appearance Secret Valentine

Stunde Null is an alien from Tech 10: Star Spirit.


Stunde Null's abilities include:

  • Zero Hour
    • This ability allows Stunde Null to apply a "Null Field" to his surrounding area (up to 120 feet in radius). This Null Field will disable the special abilities of any living thing while they remain in the field's range.
  • Terror Inducement
    • Stunde Null can induce terror in any lifeform that looks directly into any of his eyes. This usually causes a "deer in the headlights" phenomenon that paralyzes his victims.
  • Self-Biology Manipulation
    • Stunde Null can control and warp his own biology, allowing him to do things such as generate extra eyes, mouths, and arms from anywhere on his body.
  • Shadow Generation
    • Stunde Null can generate shadow around himself, which primarily serves to help conceal him in low-light environments.
  • Omni-Consumption
    • Stunde Null can consume any object or lifeform regardless of its makeup, "burning" them in its stomach as fuel for its body.


Stunde Null's appearance can vary due to his Biology Manipulation, but he can generally be seen as a warped purple alien with three spindly legs and oddly-shaped head with two black arms sprouting from his left eye socket and a mouth above his right eye.

He has a gaping mouth on his neck that looks similar to a roughly-slit throat, exposing teeth and an eye that line his esophagus. He does not appear to have any lower body, with his lower two ribs and spiked spine being exposed. The InverTrix symbol is on his chest.


Stunde Null's Zero Hour has no effect on magic or technology.


Star Spirit

Project Deca


  • Stunde Null's name is the German translation of his main ability, Zero Hour, which is a phrase the refers to the scheduled time for some event, usually militaristic in nature.

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