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Kurt 10
Season 2, Episode 9
Air date 4/16/12
Written by Kross
Directed by Kross
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Omega And Zorga


Kurt was sitting on the couch watching M.E.G.A. when theZorgatrix started beeping.

Zorgatrix: Alien criminals Mechanical Mermen seen in Atlantis.

Kurt: Again? They can’t stay away, I guess.

Kurt ran outside, where the ZRS sat.

Theme Song!

The ZRS was swimming towards Atlantis when a bunch of Mechanical Mermen attacked.

Kurt: Not these guys again!

George: You know them?

Kurt: Yeah. (transforms) Kurtjaws! Huh? I’m a fish-man!?

George: Don’t care. (kicks Kurtjaws out of the ZRS)

Kurtjaws used his claws and jaws to destroy all of the robots. Kurtjaws and the ZRS swam down to Atlantis. At Atlantis the trio saw agroup of mechanical mermen guarding a temple.

Eve: Their leader has to be in there!

Eve, George and Kurtjaws went to the temple. Atlantis has aspecial bubble that allows Eve and George to breathe while Kurtjaws and merpeople can swim. Eve used crystal manipulation and George got ready to help Kurtjaws destroy the mechanical mermen. One of the mechanica lmermen was had a lightning gun and shot at Kurtjaws. The lightning went into the Zorgatrix and had Kurtjaws turn into Ripjaws, as well as recharging the battery.

Ripjaws: Ripjaws! Finally! But it’s time for a new alien!(transforms) KurtKrakken!

KurtKrakken ripped apart the robots and the gun. The temple collapsed killing the rest of the mechanical mermen





  • Mechanical Mermen(destroyed)

Aliens Used[]

By Kurt[]

By Eve[]

  • Crystal Manipulation