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Charmcaster and Darkstar eventually made up and had a son named Stryker. Stryker hates Ben Tennyson. Ben was the one who killed Strykers Uncle Hex. For there sons 16th birthday he receives a gift. They give Albedo control over 1/4th of the Ledger Domain if he can build Stryker an Omnitrix. Albedo creates an Omnitrix for Stryker but there is a flaw. He can only have 3 aliens for the time being due to the fact that Albedo has to copy the samples from the codon stream. If to many DNA samples are taken, Azmuth will find out, get ticked, hire Sunder and Ben to arrest him or worse. So Albedo tells him he must unlock the alien forms one at a time. Albedo sends a signal to the codon stream and 10 aliens are randomly picked. (The aliens are Eye Guy, Lodestar, Benmummy,) Later his mother and father train him and show him all the aliens powers and abilities. Stryker eventually falls in love with Gwen and Kevin's daughter Miracle. And they run away together. Sunder the Retriever later joins the team. This series focuses on Stryker, Miracle, and Sunder the Retriever's adventures. Khyber is the main villain of the series.


  1. Birthday Present
  2. Ready for Action
  3. Time to Kill
  4. Beautiful
  5. Hunted
  6. Bad to Worse
  7. Space Jackers
  8. Sunder Attack
  9. The Great Brain Robbery
  10. Get my Body Back

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