General Information
Species Human/Orishan
Home World Earth
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities TBA
First Appearance TBD
Stryker is apart of Mike's team.

Physical Appearance

Stryker has light brown hair, green eyes and slight deformations all across his body. For instance, he is missing his left ring finger and some of his ribs. He wears a black bodysuit that goes up into a hood that he rarely takes off.


Stryker is very emotional about his parents, as he will punch, even one of his teammates, and even kill a villain by the mere mention of them. Other than that, he is a mild-mannered hero.

Powers and Abilities

When Stryker was 10, he was injected with a small device that succeeded the Ultimatrix in many ways, but was risky to use because of it's harmful processes. Because of this, Stryker has the powers of all alien forms that are unlocked inside the Omnitrix. Stryker also has the ability to limitedly control water due to his Orishan heritage.


Stryker is very emotional about his mother and Maria Escabar. Also, he is Human, so he has some vulnerabilities.

Love Interests

Maria Escabar

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