General Information
Species Faststrike
Home World Bowlsia
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Detachable Appendages
First Appearance Upbringing

Striker (pronounced str-ike-ur) is an alien designed for Rob by Joe. He is one of the original 10 in Mack 10.


Striker's head resembles a bowling pin in the most part. He has three eyes. His shoulders and hands also resemble bowling balls. His arms are thin and noodly. His body has multiple ridges in his gray torso, and the two biggest ridges are holding his shoulders in place. His legs are very large.


  • Noodly arms allow Striker to swing his bowling ball hands like nunchucks
  • Can detach hands at will
    • Can sling his hands at enemies if he spins them hard enough


  • Hands can be used against himself
  • Can get his noodly arms tangled up
  • Moves kind of slow due to being a bit heavy


Mack 10


  • Joseph416 drew this alien for PokeRob and gave some ideas for planet, species, and powers.
  • He has three eyes, not two eyes and a mouth.
    • He can, however, still speak.
  • Rob took forever to actually use this alien because he kept cancelling most of his old series.


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