Strike is the 5th episode of Deo 12.

Deo 12
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date Unknown
Written by FlameStrike96
Directed by FlameStrike96
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Deo and Christie are walking in the Park. Then Jack runs towords them

Deo: what's going on, Jack?

Jack: A villain...

Christie: A villain is attacking

Jack: No

Deo: Then What?

Jack: I'm a villain

Deo: What?

Jack: [Transforms]

Jack as Crabdozer: How do you like me now

Deo: [transforms]

Deo as Upgrade:Why?

Jack as Crabdozer: Why? Cuz i want the alientrix

Deo as Upgrade:Why?

Jack as Crabdozer: Why? Cuz the Alientrix togerher whit the Predatortrix Will give me ultimate power

Deo as Upgrade:So you are just an other guy who wants ultimate power. How interesting.

Jack as Crabdozer: [Transforms]

Jack as Over-Tech: [attacks Deo]

Deo as Upgrade:Oh no [Slaps Alientrix]

Deo as Wildforce: Better [Sees Over-tech] Oh Crud

Jack as Over-Tech: [Falls on Deo][Transforms]

Jack as FlameCold: Bye bye, Deo {Shoots Fire and Ice at Him]

Deo as Wildforce: Wrong! Bye bye, Jack [transforms]

Jack as FlameCold: What?

Deo as Way big: [Steps on Jack]

Jack as FlameCold: [Transforms back]

Deo as Way big: [Transforms back] Want more?

Jack: no.

Deo: Good [Gets down closer to Jack]

Jack: [Grabs Deos arm]

Deo: Let go! [Trys to slap the Alientrix]

Megan and Christie: [Trow a Big Block on Jack's head]

Megan: That shold Do it

Jack: [Teleports away]

Deo: Where did Jack go

Megan: I don't know

Christie: let's Just go and get some smothies

Deo: Go ahead. I'l Catch up [Looks at the ground and sees a piece of the alientrix] What did u do Jack?

The End




By Deo

By Jack


  • Credites to Ulti for Over-tech's name
  • It's unknown where Jack got the Predatotrix
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