Streak's species are an unnamed species from one of two home worlds, each featuring a different race of the species that evolved due to the conditions. Though the races' origins are unknown, one currently inhabits a shifting dwarf planet in the Null Void dimension known as Amevo, while the other a small planet in the Chronospect dimension (not to be confused with the planet Chronospect, the center of Chronospect).


Amevo Race

The Amevo race of aliens (nicknamed Amevons) have ghost-like bodies resulting in the replacement of their legs with tails. Their tails appear to have two ends allowing ease of swimming. Their heads are surrounded in a comfortable gray natural material. Most of their body is a light purple-ish color, while the skin on their face and arm projectors have dark purple color.

Some members of this race also come in a blue, green, red, or black color palette. Those with the black color palette have purple materials surrounding their heads, projectors on their arms, and upper tails.

Vigitelican Race

The Vigitelican race, as they are referred in Shades of Dawn, originating from somewhere in the Chronospect have not appeared yet, ergo, little is known about their appearance.

Powers and Abilities

The main power the members of this species possess is portal conjuring. They have some form of enhanced strength, but not to a great degree. Their portals are used in both offensive and defensive situations.

Notable Members


  • In The Armaggedroid, Ben's sample of this species, Streak, was referred to as an "Amevon" by Slix Beta (in the Armaggedroid suit). It has been confirmed that "Amevon" is simply a foreigner's nickname for the yet-unrevealed species, like "Earthlings" for Homo sapiens.
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