Stanger is the only alien who has a green Omnitrix symbol

Stranger is an Intellectosapien from Planet Ultranova B.


Stranger has 4 heads. The first head is Equity which always speaks, second is Anger which is half covered and usually speaks, The Third is Necessity which is completely covered and seldom speaks the last is Nihility (emptiness) which gives reason and sees everything in the reality. Azmuth replaced Void into the user of the Omnitrix. The Stranger does nothing until the tribunal agrees. He is not like . As the Void, Ben is able to use Equity, Necessity and Anger and make them agree on one subject. The heads cannot change the subject until the subject has finished. The body is completely covered with pure gold.


Ben uses Prestostranger to work on as Stranger or to work it quickly and change into another alien. Unlike, the Original Alien Stranger, this prestostranger's body is completely covered with black skies with some planets and suns.

Ultimate Stranger

Ultimate Stranger is renamed as Ultimatum and has no upgraded feature except that the eyes of stranger is now white rather then pink.


As a supreme alien, he can warp and whim times or uses thoughts to become reality. He is so powerful that he can protect himself from being destroyed.


During an abrupt situation when changing into Stranger will not work and also the heads cannot change a subject until its finished so in some meteoric situations, using Stranger is not a good idea.

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