Brandon 10 Shorts
Season 1, Episode 9
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Storm Chasers is a short for the series, Brandon 10.


The episode begins with a camcorder recording footage from a jeep as another person is driving. The driver explains to the camera that they are a small group of storm chasers and they are after a mythical storm believed to be conducted by alien experiments reccently. It is very gloomy and cloudly. Lightning strikes in front of the jeep and they brake around it. The driver says how that was a close one. The jeep is then lifted by the winds and spun around in a sort of hurricane. They two on the jeep scream and yell in fright. Suddenly the jeep comes to a stop and floats gentally in the air. The driver calms down and he explains to the camera that they are possiblity in the eye of the storm. Twisty's Skull then appears from the clouds and claims that it's actually a wind bubble or something and then he starts to scare them. The storm chasing duo gets frightened and freak out. The jeep then enters the storm again and they freak out even more. It is then revealed that Brandon is actually watching this in his lab on the big computer screen with a bowl of popcorn laughing. Coco comes in and asks what's so funny and Brandon replies with more laughing. Coco then takes the bowl of popcorn and walks away while Brandon laughs until he falls out of his chair and says ow.


Aliens Used


  • None


  • This short has been added after a long cancellation that has now been cancelled
  • Brandon's Lab is seen for the first time on Brandon 10 Shorts
  • This is the third episode with no villains
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